I'm currently on Invega Sustenna but am worried about heart complications, anyone have advice on a med that would not interfere?

Hi, I’m Erika I’m 19. Recently diagnosed, and worried because I’ve been told that the med I’m taking Invega Sustenna can cause heart complications. I already have a Tachycardia which is a heart condition that makes it beat much too fast and I’m at risk for heart attacks among other things. I know a lot of meds for this disorder can interact badly with the heart, does anyone else out there have a heart condition or know someone who does/know a med that could help that doesn’t have a huge amount of side effects on the heart? I’m wanting to switch if possible to something that would be safer for me, any advice would be appreciated.

Try googling ‘antipsychotic qt interval’. But the best person to ask is your doc after you’ve done that.