Im cracked once again.....nothing is working for me


im getting frustrated once again…im on a new med…but once again im going insane…had a crap Christmas as illnees became extremely tough

problem is when I try a new med combo…I sometimes get a bit better, but then after 2 months Im back to schizophrenic madness…

do some of you have repeated relapses…HELP!


Oh no! This is terrible! How often do you see your doctor? Are you in therapy?


I see the psychologist on Monday, but that is getting me nowhere


I ache for you. You matter. How you feel is important. What you’re going through is significant.

I am rooting for you and hoping the best for you. Hopefully, there is a bed out there that can help you!!

Please hang in there and keep trying.

Do you have support? Do you have family and friends that can help you while you wait for the right med?


Hey man, sorry you’re struggling. Sending good vibes.