I'm convinced it's part of human nature to be cruel sometimes

So are you called the bad guy or a goody two shoes? Either way, you lose.


goody good goody good goody goody two shoes, don’t drink don’t smoke, what do you do, don’t drink don’t smoke, what do you do…? thanks for putting that song in my head, I can die now…haha

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its certainly common… fallen human nature id say


Is it human nature or social conditioning? I think we are born most innocent but are conditioned to be cruel.

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Humans are animals and nature is unforgiving so I think cruelty is somewhat natural unfortunately

Humans have something more that animals though. Humans have intelligence and reasoning.

Humans are nothing more than self important beasts. Intelligence just makes them slightly more interesting

It is disgusting how we treat each other.

I have been the bullied and the bully. Neither are appealing.


We have to be sometimes.

It’s great to be empathetic and caring and all that but there are limits to that too.

Sometimes you have to say no or ignore people that are causing you distress or pain.

But there is an imbalance when everyone decides to be cruel and no one wants to care. Or vice versa.

I think the bigger problem on this planet is a lack of understanding intimacy. It requires us to see into and feel into someone else and realize who they are.

I would use that word ‘codependent’ but that term has been abused and overused and is a bit of a misnomer and its meaning has been skewed and distorted to serve someone’s own interests.

Intimacy requires honest communication though and can sort of mediate between cruelty/caring.

Intimacy is severely lacking in the world all over though… Most of what I can’t stand to hear about and have an intuition about is “therapy” and “mental health professionals” because they lack the understanding of intimacy and are operating more on the ‘narcissism’ spectrum than they realize.


Well stated, @Genbu. Intimacy can get raided. I don’t know how to protect that without isolating.

That’s exactly my problem right now.

I get told a lot through psychics too that I’m being too protective and not allowing.

I feel that the issue is just not trusting people and that requires a rebuilding of trust. And that requires willing to look at and feel why I don’t trust.

I think exposure therapy comes to mind.

Just the thought of that makes my body get a bit cold.

Im the Ugly :robot: