I'm confused

Im confused on how i should feel. I think my emotions are confused on how they should feel. If anything about me is disorganized its my emotional state which is all over the place a lot. What is that?

I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s the first thing my doctor is having me work on. She says I need to learn how to have a proper emotional response.

Is it part of SZ or something else because i’ll be depressed one minute fine the next then everything will get jumbled up then ill feel alone. Its so disorganized. The only thing that grounds it is trying to focus on something or dry humor.

my cross wired head had my emotional responses all over the board…

Things hit the wrong part of the brain. I can feel the sorrow… but it comes out as laughing.

It took a while to relearn emotions… especially the subtle ones.

Inappropriate emotional response…

It’s a part of the head circus… your not alone and there are ways to get back to level.

Good luck :v: