I'm completely nuts


I know people think it.


I don’t think you are, you seem pretty normal to me


Same here you seem pretty normal so.


You seem normal to me


Who do you think thinks it?


Yep. 1515151515151


People talk amongst themselves


Well I don’t think you’re nuts. I wouldn’t worry too much about others’ opinions either. Maybe you’re just a little paranoid and no one thinks that.


But what is normal?


I think you’re very cool Ish.


im too crazy whats the cure…if only these command hallucinations would stop giving me grief…they keep tell ing me to humiliate myself in front of others…how do I stop this


You are not nuts, ish. You just seem young for your age.
I hope that your boyfriend treats you well.


I can be slightly "immature " … But it’s not something I can help. My boyfriend and i haven’t seen each other in a few weeks now. But he’s a godsend ,:flushed: