I'm careful what I read in the news....dream world

just the headlines, no stories…I don’t need the details of the bad news…if there is an uplifting story I might read the story…I like to stay happy in my own little dream world…


I don’t like watching the news, too much negativity.

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I’m a news junkie. Good new or bad doesn’t affect my mood. I like to know what’s going on in the world.

Being in the know makes me happy, I don’t like not knowing whats going on.

For example I’m not happy about the war in Ukraine, but knowing about it and how it is affecting the world is something I want to understand, and when I understand something it makes me happy.


Just headlines. Sometimes get sucked into reading more.

Feel unsafe living in the US.

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Come live in Canada!


I try to keep up reasonably well with what I perceive to be the most important things going on; because, I invest in the stock market, among other reasons.

The market often moves with predictions about different events, including “macro” or world events.

We talked about it - but you guys won’t take us on disability.

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The news triggers me. I just avoid it but I still see things on Facebook I would rather not see.


I suppose I should admit there is only so much of news channels I can take sometimes, on both sides of the spectrum.

I’ve told some people there is only so much my bull crap meter can take.

The dream fluctuates into nightmare territory sometimes. I think it is because i’m an imperfect dreamer :confused:

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