I'm buying a new watch

Okay. You convinced me.

I just bought a series 7 (Red)

I will get it mid august.

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Nice man! Don’t think you will regret it

The red one is cool

I got the silver one

What band do you get?

Mine is the Nike white and black

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I’ll just post a pic:


Im into watches. It’s nice to have something cool on your wrist. Plus learning about watches and being on the hunt for one is fun. I started off with knives that grew into edc( everyday carry) items. I’ve had knives, pens, wallets, flashlights, pocket tools, pocket slips, hanks(handkerchiefs),zippos, cigarette cases, and finally watches. My mom has a Tissot. The style

you posted is classic. Seiko, rolex, and others have the same design. Can’t go wrong with it. Tissots are swiss made too.

This is my Seiko Willard and some edc items I carry. Hope you enjoy your watch
Also ashford dot com and jomashop dot com have good prices and carry tissot

This what happens to a fitbit if your clasp fails while younhave your hand on the window ledge of your vehicle.

*It falls off and gets run over in traffic.

Lol I paid £21 for my xiaomi smartband 6 watch.

Cheap as chips and works just fine!

I recharge it every 4 days and connects to an app on my phone. Measures exercise, bpm etc. Well worth it!


I like it how frugal you are.

I intend to be the same but always end up buying an iPhone, Apple Watch or Starbucks coffee.:smile:

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It is in my blood! My grandmother was exactly the same.

The smartband does pretty much everything a more expensive version does. Why waste money for an ego trip?

See it for what it is. A capitalist marketing trap/gimmick feeding a hole that is in fact a bottomless pit and never can be filled. Realise this and be free. :smiley:

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My dad is like you. He bought his windows even 2nd hand to save money.

I have a weak spot for premium brands that offer good quality and a lovely user experience.


You sound just like an advert! :rofl:

Xiaomi are a good reliable brand quality wise. It does the job at a fraction of the price. Probably because they employ at slave labour though.


I’ve been raised by adverts on the tv. That explains that :smile:


I may go back to wearing a watch again.
I don’t feel like fishing for my iPhone out of my pocket for the time every half an hour.

I’ve always liked Citizen Eco Drive watches.

No need to change the battery

Looks really nice! I hope it comes in fast.

I can’t wear a watch at all atm…

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