Im bunking today!

I feel so guilty, even though its fine. I hate feeling guilty though !!

what are you bunking school or work?

Work lol :slight_smile:

what work do you do and dont worry its paid if you have sick days

Yea im kinda the boss so its not really bunking. I just still feel guilty though lo.

P.S hows the group coming along? have you got any ideas?

Havent put it out there yet, been busy doing volunteer work on seven cups at the moment. So do you own your own business?

Yep i do :slight_smile:

Its still smallish but im going to grow it huuuuuuuge !!!


thats great what do you sell or service?

Its got to do with the marine industry !!

Dont want to say too much here !!


no problem enjoy the day off

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Bunking? Is that South African for playing hookie?

Haha no no it means i took off a day of work. WHen i shouldnt really have lol

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Yeah that’s playing hookie.

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We all need a day off

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Dont feel bad some of us bunk everyday.

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Hahaha that was funny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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