I'm .. bored

I’m chairman of the bored.

Maybe I’ll go on Amazon and get my final Christmas present. Or maybe I’ll just watch music tv channels.

Is anybody doing anything interesting at all for the weekend?


Gonna Sing-a-long to Song’s and Focus on Naught Getting Completely Annoyed at my Dad … … …

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Man. I used to have a bad habit of spending on Amazon when bored. Is a costly pass time.

Luckily I have got all my presents for family already. Bought myself a graphics card for my computer. But ever since I bought it I have had real bad motivation problems so it is still sitting in its box.

I am passing time by reading Harry Potter books at the moment. They are easy to read. Once I am done with each book I treat myself by watching the respective movie.


Well, I went on Amazon and bought my remaining Christmas present.

Rock and roll lifestyle that I have. :smile:


you want to know what i want for christmas? somebody i truly want to spend christmas with. i don’t mean “somebody to screw,” though that’d suffice. i want somebody that i’m hungry for, someone i want more of.

this weekend? mostly sleep. i need sleep soo bad.


I have to tackle paper work, soooooooooooooo much paper work, and how can it be your final Christmas present?? I’ve not posted my wish list yet for this year !!!


Nope I am equally dead bored. Bored of this day, bored of life, I’m bored as a boared board.

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What ??? Do you mean this forum isn’t enough to get you excited??? Oh, well, you can’t have it all.


Absolutely not… fallout 4 some more

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I like to do nothing. Well so what, we lazy people can’t have our rights?!
Of course that’s until the notion of useless existence sets it and I start sobbing over my pity self. :frog:

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These days, the only excitement I get is when I go to the grocery store…

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I did nothing all day yesterday, Now I have a excuse it was a sleep in to protest for @Sarad right to be lazy


Hello @mountainman , , ,

Are You Flirting (OR) Jus Conversing With sarad (???) ,

e(Y)e NEED TO KNOW (!!!)

Not flirting, just thought the statement was funny

Oh … ,

Ok, , ,

Carry On Then .

Lol @ATARI since when replying is count as flirting? You have a tendency to misinterpret people’s words, but dont get offended now - those are the odds of virtual communication.

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I went to see some friends… then had a butter chicken.

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I did nothing this weekend. I’m just watching Arrow. At least it’s not so boring.

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