I'm bored. So here you go

So in 1981 I was put in a long term locked psychiatric hospital. There were more than a hundred patients. The whole 8 months I was there I was pretty much a loner, I tried to spend most of my free time in my room sleeping. There were three nurses stations with two or three nurses at each one. There was a male nurse on my wing who was only twenty years old. For some reason this really impressed me. Maybe because we were both the same age but my jobs had been washing dishes or pumping gas and this guy had a ton of responsibility. He also happened to be good looking, the girls loved him. But I was on good terms with him. Anyway near the end of my stay one night,out of the blue, he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. I was surprised but I said “Sure.” We went to a Chinese restaurant and he paid for a huge dinner. And then we came back to the hospital. I didn’t understand why he invited me so I asked him. He told me that once a year each nurse takes their favorite patient out to dinner!! Wow. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was likable? Sure occasionally nowadays someone will like me, but back then most people were indifferent to me or hated me.


You know what they call chinese food in china?


Good story.

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A nice story, Nick.

Pansdisease, The food at Chinese restaurants is pretty good, although there is a difference between the food at Chinese restaurants and that in China. I like a dish called Mongolia Beef.

OK, then, what do they call Mexican food in Mexico?


They call it food.

Lol. Yeah, I was just joking.