Im being setup by a strong manipulator

You probably all think what im going to say is a lie, my brain feels really heavy right now and im pretty sure hes trying to kill me as I type this, im going to try and start documenting what hes doing to me on a daily basis in multiple places since everyone thinks its me attacking him while he attacks me he says John’s doing it to Logan so I get attacked and everybody hates me at the same time, sometimes he pauses me and makes me close my eyes and says it was me speaking, other times he speaks through my voice, and other times he injects thoughts while people are speaking my thoughts, other times its people speaking a third party’s voice which he makes speak my voice and he injects evil hurtful or sexual words into the voice at the same time so they belive its me.

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I’m tired of being pushed around and I’m tired of not being able to think or visualize anything its turture and it shouldn’t be allowed

You sound extremely delusional

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I know, and he just brainwashed everybody to tell me to take my meds, im on my meds btw

Does your nurse know about this? maybe a med adjustment might help

Thats what im thinking, even though this is real, why would he want me to think its not real?

Theirs alot of weird stuff happening to me too what I think is real. I tortured myself for 4 years over it. but u gotta challenge it and realise its a chemical imbalance in your brain hopefully right meds will help

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