I'm being poisoned with pesticides and other chemicals for being mentally ill

I am a disabled person. I am not a psychopath, I am not a “pervert”, and I am not a “stalker”, and I am not a terrorist because I’m mentally ill. I am a child abuse and neglect survivor, and I am a domestic abuse survivor. I’m not predatory but have been gullible and socially challenged because of the way I grew up and the things that have happened to me. I am a friend, a sister and a daughter. I am and always have been a young adult female, and I do not plan on becoming a violent offender and go to prison ever. I spent enough time at home and sitting in hotel rooms and RV’s. I have had to overcome a lot of obstacles and learn things all by myself, but this remains an issue that I cannot resolve on my own.

A hate crime is being committed against me and no one comes forward. I have had strange experiences since before the psychosis started, and it jogs my memory all the time. People that dislike me for my mental illness are taking things into their own hands to cause me distress and control me. They do it to cause my mental illness to worsen, cause me disease to kill me, and cause me to become incarcerated. Word has gotten around and it has been common knowledge that I’m mentally ill by family, past acquaintances, coworkers and the communities I’ve lived in for a long time. This is happening to me because I’m being accused of being a danger and a nuisance and need to be “put away” and it’s not fair to me, because I have been through a lot of degrees of abuse and neglect that has complicated and exaggerated my mental illness. The people that were responsible for coming forward when I needed help during the acute phases of my illness neglected their obligations to do so. And now I am being stalked, harassed, and have been exploited and assaulted for my mental illness. The stalking and harassment abuse extends from people close to me, acquaintances to neighbors, and even strangers.

I can’t breathe anymore and it’s not asthma, I am having extreme fevers and heart arythmias, I have uncontrollable panic attacks and irritability, my head aches regularly, I can’t think clearly and I am becoming increasingly confused and can’t focus, my organs ache and burn, and I more or less lost my appetite, my appendix is inflamed, my legs ache, my skin is raw and I have scars and scabs on my face from the chemicals irritating my skin, and I heal slowly. I’m starting to experience neurological damage from it.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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Are you seeing a psychiatrist? You post a lot of unusual beliefs. Do you take medication?

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I hope you feel better. I agree that maybe a psychiatrist and meds can help. It certainly can’t hurt. I wish you the best.

U seems delusional go to see a pdoc soon…Take care…!!!

I know how you feel, on that one. I get those accusations, a lot. :disappointed_relieved:

I forgot to add "just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: "

In real-life, I don’t usually interact with other people on a day-to-day basis. so I can’t remember being called those names, for a good amount of years. when I was younger, people used to call me those names a lot, though. I think I’ve grown up quite a bit though, since then. :smile:

Nowadays I barely interact with people in real-life, and nobody in real-life has recently called me a pervert or a stalker. My secret is that I just keep a good distance from people sometimes. As long as I’m a good distance from people, I don’t have to think too much about them and thus I don’t become a pervert or a stalker. :smiley:

bless you.

surely you will see the heavens.

Most yours, mine.