I'm being ditched by the mental health system. I am on my own now

Denmark is recovery and medcation oriented when it comes to mental health care.
Talk therapy is good, but there’s a high demand, so they tend to cull away those who just want to talk but not work at recovering.
Refusing meds or to admit you’re ill is not working at recovering.

The general doctor can refill the ADs, don’t need a shrink for that.

And if you are in crisis, google ‘psykiatrisk akutmodtag’ + the name of your area.


@Miika I don’t know what gave you the idea that I wanted talk therapy for something other than recovery. Rejecting my diagnosis, whilst accepting why other people might endorse it, doesn’t make me an obstructionist. My focus was and remains on being as functional as I can be. APs didn’t even come close to achieving that, while on them I was little more than a taciturn lump of useless flesh. “APs or the highway” is not a very compelling medical paradigm. Each case really is different and appealing to such binary logic can only lead to hasty judgment.