I'm being ditched by the mental health system. I am on my own now

@Wave You should reread your comments. First I deserve to be kicked out because that’s “what I wanted”, I was practically asking for it, wasn’t I. When I explain this wasn’t what I wanted at all you change gear completely and claim that as non-schizophrenic I don’t deserve to be in the system. I explain then that I have been diagnosed with sz, so once again you change the tune and claim that I still deserve it because I lack insight into my illness (a typical symptom of sz), which is like saying SZs that report hallucinations have no place in the mh system. I explain and you retort, OK, but you still deserve to be kicked out because you’re not taking APS (always under their supervision). The only constant in your meandering logic is that I DESERVE IT.

Moralistic shite is not how you help people in a crisis situation. I’m sure there are lots of people on this forum more deserving of your help.

@Wave this is a forum for support, not judgment. In a reasonably functioning world, someone with OCD who takes medication would never be kicked out of MH services. People with non-psychotic disorders need mental health care also.

@seksoempirico the same thing happened to me. I was transferred to a new Pdoc at the clinic, she decided I had a mood disorder and wanted to put me on mood stabilizers. When I explained that I have been on 3 mood stabilizers in the past and they all made me worse, she agreed i shouldn’t take them. Then I got promptly discharged from the system, despite still taking an AP.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

I was able to talk to my primary care doctor and she agreed to write my RX until I found a private pdoc. I did find a good pdoc. Unfortunately, he cost’s $80 per session.

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FYI major depression is also considered a severe MI.

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Yes I know @SkinnyMe
All I was trying to say was that severe mental illnesses like SZ and bipolar usually take center stage when it comes to receiving disability and financial assistance from these organizations and the government.

Depression is certainly a serious matter and so is OCD.
I have both.

My apologies to you @seksoempirico
I took it too far.

I hope you get the support you deserve.


@seksoempirico Do you have a primary care Dr.? If so, I would discuss your concerns with them. They may be able to advocate for you in terms of getting mental health services for you. They also should be able to help you with getting your setraline Rx refilled.


If you’re not mentally ill, y do you want to have contact with them anyway??

Just a drop in the bucket really. There’s people worse off than you and need it. I just accept my diagnosis, which you deny or lack insight into having schizophrenia. Eventually, these people just move on. The system is full and underfunded.

You can try to convince others you’re not sick, but I never bought it.

I really hope the best for you, but it sounds like you try to ‘intellect things’ at your detriment. Oh, who am I, just another crazy person…?

For a long time I didn’t believe Psychiatrists that I had Schizophrenia until I was placed on a Community Treatment Order and given forced monthly injections.

As much as I hated being forced, thankfully I was not abandoned by the system.


If you believe that I’m not mentally ill, why not ask for my permanent suspension from this forum?

Well, believing you invented bitcoin certainly qualifies as crazy, unless you really invented it.

You’re crazy. I like you, but you’re crazy.

  • Old School reference

That’s fine, I embrace it, really.

But realize if I acted like you in real life, they would just get tired of me and I would be dropped from getting help until I was ready. I feel bad for you, really.

If you want to be defensive that’s fine, but most people don’t have time for this type of drama. Maybe the mods do. You can simply log out or stay (I hope you stay) because otherwise it’s just intentional trolling.

I don’t mind being called crazy, a term of endearment really.

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They didn’t drop me because they were tired of me, in fact I’d only seen my last nurse and doctor once. It’s just their policy for stable patients not taking APs. I’ve never missed an appointment, I’ve gone to therapy and was med compliant until we jointly decided to quit taking APs. More importantly, I’ve already explained all this more than once in the thread. All you had to do is ready it instead of launching yourself on a unfriendly, judgemental tirade about resources and my alleged moral failing about not accepting my diagnosis, a commonplace occurance among szs.

I know exactly how you feel.

When I had my third relapse, they put me on Lurisadone, and after being stable for two months I got told I was being discharged back to primary care

Inside I fell apart, as before I did not engage with MH services out of choice, but when I came to terms with the fact I had a life long need for support, being told goodbye was a hard and heavy blow

They and I paid for it with a severe reaction I had to the med after about 18 months, and my cessation of the medication cold turkey that led me back to the acute ward - completely out of my mind

Now they have kept looking after me since then, but it has been riddled with many attempts to tweak meds and switch AP’s

Honestly I am not so sure that they really know what they can do with someone like me.

I now carry 4 diagnoses as a result of following through with psychology and more intensive management of my medications by a newer, more up to date pdoc


In passing(I don’t know who said it) but they said:

‘Those who wrestle with the ‘Big Questions’ also tend to be those who are unhappier’.’

Maybe try to do, instead of think.(I take my own medicine on this).

Treat yourself to a burst of self care as you go through this stressor, as well.

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Denmark is recovery and medcation oriented when it comes to mental health care.
Talk therapy is good, but there’s a high demand, so they tend to cull away those who just want to talk but not work at recovering.
Refusing meds or to admit you’re ill is not working at recovering.

The general doctor can refill the ADs, don’t need a shrink for that.

And if you are in crisis, google ‘psykiatrisk akutmodtag’ + the name of your area.


@Miika I don’t know what gave you the idea that I wanted talk therapy for something other than recovery. Rejecting my diagnosis, whilst accepting why other people might endorse it, doesn’t make me an obstructionist. My focus was and remains on being as functional as I can be. APs didn’t even come close to achieving that, while on them I was little more than a taciturn lump of useless flesh. “APs or the highway” is not a very compelling medical paradigm. Each case really is different and appealing to such binary logic can only lead to hasty judgment.