I'm being an asshole

I’ve recently got back into contact with my longtime friend and once girlfriend we were lovers when we were teenagers She considers me her first true love. But I’m starting to rely on her again and msg her a lot and she’s getting sick of it she lives a very busy life she is a nurse and has two kids. So when she dosent reply I abuse her now I know I’m not gonna get any sympathy but I feel really evil and don’t know why I take it out on her She so caring towards me and I just flip out I’m usually drunk. She says I’m a really great guy when I’m sober. Anyway I decided to book into drug and alcohol detox and confront my destructive behaviour. I’m guessing u would all say I don’t love her but I really do and I’ve gotta man up I’m 28 and it’s about time


Good job man! That’s a step in the right direction!

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do it!!! good for you to realize it :crown:

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Congratulations on this first step… it’s not easy.

I’ve been there… and I hope things go well for you.

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Thanks @SuprisedJ

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