I'm being accused of being a sexual pervert and people think I'm dangerous and trying to hurt me

I put this in strange beliefs because no one believes me, but I am in danger but I can’t get help

No one is trying to hurt you dazedandcontueed.
You’re safe, go get put on some psych meds


well yeah… people by and large are kind of pervy and potentially dangerous. lol that’s not uncommon.

you shouldn’t objectify women. It’s actually kind of gay that men don’t actually like women’s minds. I mean to me attraction to the mind is the strongest element who I wind up desiring and across the board that’s always been women. Most dude don’t like dealing with women at all unless it has some theme of sexual attraction in it. Probably because they are hella insecure and need the gratification of being attractive sexually to feel viable and be able to look forward to a pleasant life… just because sex is involved. It’s the most childish teenage mentality and I’m frankly ■■■■■■■ pissed at times that it dominates in the culture as to how men are.

I have a sexual side no doubt, but there are so many fuckeroos of men out there who don’t respect women that they become very anxious and distrusting of men in general and it makes being the nice guy really blow.

Sometimes it seems that women are more prone to stay away from the ones they really like out of fear of rejection or because they’d rather keep the idea alive that they do have a total attraction to someone and they don’t want to get close enough to have that individual person ruin it for them by proving himself to actually just be an ■■■■■■■ like all the rest.

Anyways it sucks… the fire of desire can die quickly and unexpectedly in a woman. You want something good with one you be patient, needless, and let her determine the pace of the unfolding. I’m pretty sure even the most indpendent women inside would consider settling down if they find someone they are truly comfortable with and get to have a smooth, slow, easy landing that is under their control while the man demostrates the values that are seemingly so uncommon yet desirable. Patient, non-violent or aggressive, tolerant, open-minded, proves he actually likes her for who she is… not just her body…

bunch of other ■■■■ too… like not becoming a heart=broke nut job or irrational and jealous if she sleeps with someone else… who she might have just slept with to get a measure on the man’s hidden facets before making her choice or whatever.

Takes time to really get to know someone… a long time actually… god damn what am I rambling about…

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It’s definitely a strange belief…

this thread feels so ironic, on so many levels.


The coincidence of the profile image change, is intriguing.

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I really hadn’t noticed it, until you said something. I don’t really look at profile pictures because of my paranoid sz. but yeah… that profile picture is… I’d rather just keep my mouth shut. I don’t want to bait my own self.

I’ve been there prince. It’s hard to believe I almost didn’t let them medicate me and I suffered and starved myself for weeks…