I'm beginning to

not trust myself in making decisions like on my computer and like financial decisions too. I already don’t trust myself driving so I got rid of my car and license 6 years ago. I don’t know who else I could trust is the thing.

My sister is dying. I don’t trust my niece’s husband. Haven’t known him long enough. That leaves me with just my brother. But I don’t trust my brother’s wife.

I don’t know how people without family do this kind of thing. I guess I’ll have to go with my brother.


but you can contact your brother directly i hope? I mean you don’t need to go through his wife for it?

I don’t trust myself either… i let my mum help me with making decisions and financial stuff and such. I also not allowed to drive anymore.

anyways, i hope you can get the help you need through your brother then…

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