I'm back on my meds

So I finally reached a tipping point in withdrawal from my meds, I was very much suicidal and feeling terrible, with about zero ability to function. Last Thursday, I had an appointment with my therapist, and I told her how I felt. She told me to go to an urgent care center immediately and get back on my meds. I had no idea this was possible! But I went to a Patient First nearby, and I talked to the doctor, and he looked up my prescription history and wrote new prescriptions for the Sertraline and Abilify. Just like that! I feel so foolish, for having suffered so long when it was so simple to get help. I just really really didn’t want to go to the ER, but I had no idea there was this other option.
Anyway, I’m not out of the woods yet, I’m still sleeping a ton but I’m not as depressed and I’m starting to feel like I might be getting better again. I see the new psychiatrist on the 4th of December, hopefully he’ll be able to help too and I’ll be on my way to being a functional human being again!


Thank you for sharing your experience!


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I’m glad your feeling better.

Don’t feel bad… no one ever seems to let people know there is an easier way.

I’m glad you know for next time. I’m glad your back on track.

Good luck with everything

I’m rooting for you


Woop woop! ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ (jelly bean conga line).

I think this is a wonderful step for you. I’m bipolar and I’ve suffered from the depression aspect of it severely throughout my life so I appreciate how big of a change this is for you. If things start to go amiss don’t give up! There are a ton of different antidepressants out there. One of them is sure to fit!


Good for you @RowanAmethyst, gald that you are back on track! :smile:

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Glad to hear things are looking better. I never knew this was an option. How are you going to get the scripts filled? If I remember you don’t have insurance, right?

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I have insurance, it just sucks. Abilify I have a $5 coupon for, that I printed from their website, and Sertraline is a generic that costs like $6 or so at my pharmacy, so my meds are cheap.

And yeah, I never knew it was an option either! But apparently it’s something they do all the time, which is really cool!

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