I'm back from the behavioral health hospital!

I’m back from the behavioral health center. :slight_smile: It was a good week. My new diagnosis is schizotypal PD with psychosis NOS (due to musical ear syndrome), GAD, and chronic major depression. We think the auditory hallucinations are due to musical ear syndrome over schizophrenia, as the MMPI didn’t indicate schizophrenia at all, and all of them agreed SZ is an incorrect diagnosis. I’m on five psych medications now (Abilify 15mg, Effexor 300mg, Remeron 15mg, Prazosin 1mg (for nightmares), Vistaril 50mg/day). I feel loads better already, although I do still have lighter auditories.


Schizotypal+psychosis nos= schizophrenia. You are schizotypal if you have no psychosis. If you have psychosis, it’s schizophrenia

Not necessarily true. The two are unrelated given the musical ear syndrome.

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I’m happy you were able to get some proper treatment,

Hopefully the new medicine will help.


Thanks, goldenrex! :slight_smile: I hope it will continue to help.

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Fingers crossed the meds do the trick … :sunny:

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Welcome back @ZombiePupper!
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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