I'm back from my trip

Just wanted to share that I’m back from mini-vacation. Nothing traumatic happened only one minor panic attack when everyone started piling into the room finding places to sit I got a little overwhelmed and escaped into the bathroom for a minute or so to calm myself. Then we had the cake, and we took a bunch of family photos, first Grandma and all her own kids. Then the in-laws, then the grand-children (that were there), followed by the great grand-kids…and after all that we took individual family photos…like my brother, me, brother’s girlfriend, my niece and my parents. We stayed for pizza after the party and went back to were were sleeping for the night.

It wasn’t bad, but I don’t want to stay there again. They have a very steep flight a stairs that were slightly hard coming down. I could go up okay but I was afraid of missing a step on the way down so I just took my time taking one step at a time, felt weird but it was better than falling and hurting myself.

The night before the went to another near by town for dinner but I really wasn’t up to that and just stayed at the apartment we rented (instead of a hotel and it was cheaper than the local hotel)…we did have TV service, but no internet, and some reasons neither mom nor I could get cell phone service, but they said that area we were was very bad reception for our carrier. Friday night after dinner I got sick and just spent the evening watching my Portable DVD player in the room I picked for mine and relaxed. I was fine Saturday for the party.

I was little more anxious this morning because I woke up with sinus problems and that’s usually the worst for driving with me but I managed to fall asleep once we hit the highway and slept through the sinus problems. We woke up and the small town was covered in a sheet of ice…it was hard getting out of the car and walking to door of the old-folks home where my grandma lives…just had to take tiny slow steps. The car was covered in ice. We rented one from Enterprise Rent-a-car which was probably a good thing, our car is a lot smaller, and without the headrest on the back seat sleeping can get a little uncomfortable.

I’m home now, kitty’s been loved up, sure she complained when we first got home but she let me pick her up and give her a hug and a kiss. Then she got a kiss from mom and dad as well so she’s happy.And to be honest i"m happy to be home again. I hated not having internet or cell phone service.


Glad your home safe and glad it wasn’t too bad.

It’s nice to hear that things went well and nothing too upsetting happened.

Sounds like a great experience. I drove through McDonalds last night. That was my adventure. But kudos for a great day and night.