I'm back for the few days break

Thank you everyone, I’m alright. Had a few anxiety attacks and thought I was losing it, turned out to be panic attacks, so I’m back on benzos for the time being. Needed to cool off, but I really missed the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not replying to everyone, my notification box was full but thank you all for caring and missing me :smile: You’re all great.

Woke up really early to watch the US elections so now I’m sleepy so good night :slight_smile:

Good night @far_cry0 too :smile:


You were gone for like 5 days and both the board and the world went into apocalypse mode practically. Now order will be restored !


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the election results. :no_mouth:

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Welcome back Minnii!

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Whoo hey girl, welcome back! :smile:

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Oh man!! Can’t talk about it here, though, but damn :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Welcome back, I’m glad you are ok

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Hope all is well! Take it easy, will ya!

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Welcome back princess…!!!

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