I'm back for business guys!

I did get sent to the hospital and was there for 38 days. And I’m eating my favorite candy: Mint flavored m&M’s


Welcome home. How long have you been home? Do you feel better? Glad to be home?

Yeah, welcome back. Hope you are doing better

I’m glad your back. How are you feeling?

I am feeling a lot better, thank you J. I’m glad to be home.


Welcome home… :slight_smile:

I sure wish I could turn having schizophrenia into a business. And make some money off of it. Wow, those sound good, I didn’t even know they made mint-flavored M & M’s. But welcome back.

glad your out and enjoying easter :bouquet:

take care

All the best to you psychoticteen

hi hope you feel better soon mint m and ms you are the snack genuis of all genuis you can send me some if you likex