I'm attending a dance class

So after I have seen my therapist to day I have signed up for a dance class. I’m very excited and a little nervous. The last time I danced was in 2019 when I was still young and beautiful (just kidding) To day I’m a little clumsy and overweight, but my therapist believes that it will help on my depression if I begin to dance.


Good luck with the dance class. I hope that you have fun with it! :smiley:


YAY! That sounds fun! :smiley: I hope you have a great time with this hobby.

Oh, and just wondering, what type of dance will you be doing? :slight_smile:


That’s a good question indeed. It use to be just a mix up of different styles. It is a class for People with mental illness, so we are doing it just for the fun.
And thank you!


Oh, good for you! Dance is a good aerobic and just allover workout. And a lot of fun too!

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I agree. It’s a great idea. And it’s a great release for all emotions. Have fun!

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