I'm an extra naked on tv prime time in 5 minutes yay!

Like in 5 minutes on PURE 10pm Channel4

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Lol what did you say?

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I mean it x
In the uk
I’m on the bus.
In the snow in London filmed last year

Ha cool, are you fully naked?? How much did they pay you

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Yep 100£ for full nudity for 1 day plus 2 full days £110 roughly on each of 2 days

Well that was it
Didn’t spot myself at all

Ha So why did you need to be naked?

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I’d do it for less

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A show about a woman who imagines graphic thoughts all the time

Camera angles

There’s nudity on prime tv in the UK?! That’s it I’m moving

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You should see the program “Naked Attraction” on channel 4 in the UK… :blush:

They have a choice of dating based on the body parts being slowly revealed from toes upwards. :smiley:


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