I'm an extra naked on tv prime time in 5 minutes yay!


Like in 5 minutes on PURE 10pm Channel4


Lol what did you say?


I mean it x
In the uk
I’m on the bus.
In the snow in London filmed last year


Ha cool, are you fully naked?? How much did they pay you


Yep 100£ for full nudity for 1 day plus 2 full days £110 roughly on each of 2 days


Well that was it
Didn’t spot myself at all


Ha So why did you need to be naked?


I’d do it for less


A show about a woman who imagines graphic thoughts all the time

Camera angles


There’s nudity on prime tv in the UK?! That’s it I’m moving


You should see the program “Naked Attraction” on channel 4 in the UK… :blush:

They have a choice of dating based on the body parts being slowly revealed from toes upwards. :smiley:


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