Im always running round feeling i should be

a subtle ense of I am not enough I should have this… be this ,do this
a legacy of abusive parent.
wanna punch through my eye to get out of my head today.

I feel that way too, often enough. I’m trying to do something about it by going to school, and working towards a career. But some things I can’t change–my age being one thing. I’m only going to get older. I’ve often wished for an early death, so I could avoid aging. In fact, I have tried to commit suicide. It’s hard when all those around you seem to be doing so much better in life. Most of my childhood friends are happily married and financially secure.

we always want something don’t we where does it end?
im so sorry you’ve felt so bad you’ve thought about ending it
don’t think that because you are unmarried you are any less than anyone else. simply untrue.
your a lovely person and someone would be lucky to have you as a partner.


Thank you so much for your kind words. :smile:

your welcome:) :smile: