I'm always right, except when I'm schooled

When you decide not to sugar coat anything

you take a big risk

and then feel terrible about the outcome

I came from a family of fighters.

I have an aunt who’s pretty blunt. I used to be very blunt but I’ve learned to curb my tongue a little

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even at a young age,

I was always the peace maker.

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My other aunt is real soft spoken but she always speaks her mind in this soft voice. She’ll tell you off in that soft tone and you know she’s serious

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It was my first A in college, rhetoric

and debate

I try not to do personal attacks
but if I think I’m right

I’ll go the distance.

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Now I got that song in my head "I will go the distance "

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that’s my favorite Disney movie!!

how’d you know?

I had no idea actually. It just has that song in it

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