I'm alone now

I’m alone now. I feel alone, absolutely alone

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You can listen to this song: You are not alone

You are not alone in your loneliness. Is there anything in particular on your mind?

Yes, suicidal thoughts unfortunately

Are you thinking of methods or just bemoaning that you want to die?

I prescribe a dose of Chocolate Ice Cream or a Chocolate bar (Dark Chocolate)

I’m thinking of methods

How about old age? It’s a surefire method, nobody has escaped so far.


Then it’s rage. I would ask for help at that point. Even if you think they can’t help, those emergency hot lines have heard it all before and they can now what’s best.

You have a point, it’s true but it takes a while

I’m going to the hospital on Monday

I have a referral

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I learn that every day, Audrey,

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I’m alone too, but I absolutely enjoy it.

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Good for you. I can’t enjoy it, I just can’t

When you learn to love yourself, life becomes so much easier. Also, friends are easier to attract when you are comfortable being alone and don’t come across as clingy.
When did you stop enjoying stuff?

I guess, when I got sick

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I’m sorry.
I grew up with a mom that yelled at me for every little thing. It was a constant yelling like a drill sergeant.
I felt so stressed all the time.
So being without anybody is so calming for me.

The bad thing: my mom is coming back from vacation next month.

Ohhh, sorry to hear that.

I believe, life is unpredictable

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That is so true.

Everybody on this forum is sick, but most don’t think about suicide.
I for example have negative symptoms and I can’t feel pleasure anymore. But I have patience to wait for better medicine.
Can you still feel pleasure? From things like music or food?