I'm afraid to be a girl

I copy a male as a rule. It makes me tense to but I can’t seem to help it.

I’m not very girly either.

I would like to be though… Seeing as that is kind of wat I am… A female.

Oh well… I am what I am and that is okay.

No time in life for silly comparison.

As difficult as that may be.


I identify as a girl, but im not female. Im also not transgender. Im neither male or female but with both traits. Not a hermaphrodite

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I always thought you were a man

Yes. A male personality comes through about me.


I think a lot of girls are afraid to be girls during sex aswell. What do you think Chordy

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I’m an abstainer so I can’t even tell you.

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There are a lot of people who don’t want women to be women. They think they’re capable of judging who can be a woman, or who is one. Really ignorant busybodies who should mind their own business.

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I think that is a confidence thing. I was with a girl that was really self conscious about having smaller breasts, but I was fine with them. Over the course of our relationship as she became more comfortable with me she became more uninhibited sexually and more aggressive, I guess you could say more “girly”.

It can be the same way with guys, we have things to worry about too. Does the girl like my technique, am I big enough for her, etc…

If 2 people like each other, sometimes it just takes time before you feel comfortable with each other and learn what each other likes but then it can get really good. Other times you hit off right away.


My friend of 17 years, who used to be my lover, told me yesterday that I am too butch in personality for her and that we both try to be the boss and that’s why we don’t work out.

Well, no sh-t shinola! You just now figured that out after 17 years?

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