I'm afraid that people are evil

I’m paranoid about people

I’m afraid they have secret agendas

And they try to manipulate me

And they know something I don’t know

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Yes I feel you. I have been through this. What kind of advice should I give now? Med adjustment? A benzo?

A book is making me paranoid

There is a story which triggered me

I cant belive people like this exist

What story made you paranoid?

I deal with a lot of paranoia also. It’s hard when you can’t be sure what’s going on.

I had this for the past 2 days

3days today

Paranoia is making ne feel fragile and weak

@Om_Sadasiva a Islam prophet is deceiving people into believing Allah is the only savior. I am paranoid that people like that exists

Do you feel safe where you’re at? Is there someone you trust that you can talk to about this?

I’m going into therapy tomorrow

It’s reality now. Many stupid young men go in middle east to fight or stay in Europe and explode themselves

Good! I hope that helps.

Until you get run off the road

or have a guy at the convenience store at the counter

seeing you buying beer telling you that the Walgreen’s van was

just here for you, spitting in your face, coughing in your face, and what not

no reason to be concerned.

I’m not sure but I think I understood

Are people even trying to be good? @Om_Sadasiva @daze @disciple

Or they love being evil

Sadly, there’s a lot of evil people in the world. But not everyone is. Try not to get too caught up in it and focus on your recovery. Hope the therapy helps you.

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They are evil because they are stupid.
It’s a matter of intelligence.
So the stupid ones are more than the intelligent ones


My depot is tomorrow

The doc said the last days will be harder

I guess it because of meds

I’m never going off

Thank you everybody


The last days before a scheduled shot can be tough. That is why I have a supply of risperdone pills for when my Invega shot is due. Hoping you make it through the rest of the time with minimal suffering.


Although I have had limited experience with injections, I remember it feeling like it was wearing off for about three days prior to my next monthly dose…

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I think this is what you are thinking of.?

I studied some Islam and had a Muslim boyfriend and tried to be one and lived as one and had delusions my father was one etc

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sounds like your meds running a lil low and your having a hard time grasping what your mind is trying to understand. it’s ok, everything is going to be ok.

people do have bad in them, we also have good in us. we can’t get rid of one of them without getting rid of the other but it’s not like we can get rid of either of them. we need both to create the grey area to have room to grow, learn and experience life.

i think that people have selfish agendas a lot of the time but they’re not grand plans to make us do their bidding. they are over exaggerating their own ideas. i’m not as familiar with islam as i would like to be but it seems to run in a similar way to most religions and spiritual beliefs.

the part your focused on seems to be about spreading the word of the religion. it’s ok, you don’t have to accept it. just walk away from it. you can pick up where you left off later if you want to when your feeling better. you don’t have to go back to it ever again too.

hang in there, keep doing the best you can and i hope the med relieves some of your tension.

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