I'm afraid of this

I really hope I can live like a normal person because living all my life with the side effects of meds and the laughter of everyone else because of having sz is unacceptable. I’ll be honest, the main problem of this illness for me is the false memories, so now I believe I’m hacked by someone, I have my proofs, I have screenshots and I see this little malware installed in my phone, with lots of memories of being hacked and I know it came when I was in a forum of hackers. Unless this is all a symptom of my illness and my memory is really ■■■■■■ up I’m right with this, I contacted the police and they will investigate, and then I will know the truth

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If you think your phone is hacked try reinstalling the operating system.

I got hacked once, when trying to install an .apk from an untrusted source, and it installed a weird app with no icon that I couldn’t delete with app manager, so I had to download “Easy Uninstaller” from the App Store to remove it.

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Well this apk is installed in my system, I’ve search all the system apps and I didn’t find this one, its called “nobody 9999” and it don’t let me open it or let me see where exactly is installed, and guess what? The only thing I found about this apk is in a website called xda-developers.com where they say its a complex malware which requires root access

Try installing “Easy uninstaller” from the app store, that will let you remove the weird app.

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