I'm afraid of losing my volunteer job due to drinking

To be accepted as a volunteer, you have to be sober three months. I was sober for two years and eight months last April when I fell off the wagon. Since April the longest period I’ve been sober is two months. Back in May I told the Deputy Director I had drunk, and she thought I would have to leave until I was sober three months. But the Executive Director override her and let me stay.
Right now I drank today, but am still volunteering. I don’t tell them about my drinking. Today the Deputy Director no longer works here and there is a new Executive Director. I’m trying really hard to stop drinking, and I don’t talk about it.

The volunteer job is nice, but staying sober is nicer. Dishonesty is one of the largest threats to sobriety. Also makes for a lot of extra work later on when you get to the making amends steps, so why not get ahead of the game by not needing to make amends in the first place?

Best to come clean and let them decide.


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