I'm afraid of cities

I can’t stand them. My girlfreind is going to college in Sandiego and i try to visit her, but i get so overwhelmed by all the noise and people i feel like I’m going to throw up, and episodes that might be every 2 months here happen every other day there, but i try to put a smile on my face anyways because i dont want to add any more stress to her already busy schedual. I’m not even sure what I’m asking right now. I told her and she seems understanding and patient. I guess I’m just tired of being a downer. And I’m sad i can’t be a bigger part of her life. I feel useless.

San Diego is a beautiful city, lots to do.

You are not alone, I dont like big cities either, I get overwhelmed easily.

The traffic, the crowds, the noise - sensory overload, its way too much for my senses.

I get paranoid also easily, especially in a city setting - I much prefer a slower less populated setting of the suburbs or country.

I agree. I love the beach and the food and the art and there’s so much to do all the time. I have family there too. It bothers me that i can’t enjoy it for that long though.

Out with my grandpa just doing yard work and helping him out in his 40 acres and trailer is more my pace. It’s so calming. Nothing to wory about.

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My sister lives in Chicago and I love Chicago but don’t ask me to drive there because I’ll refuse. I’ve driven in Chicago a couple of times - when I was not well and I don’t like the memory.

People from cities tend to be afraid of the country. They’re afraid of the space and not being surrounded by people around them going places and doing things…buildings close around them. At night in the country they’re afraid of the silence…

I can’t even begin to comprehend wanting people around you all the time

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