I'm aching for human touch


Really!I would like someone to hug me with genuine touch.


Good positive Touch can be so great.

I miss touch and would like more affection too.
But only the type that feels right and good.

Wishing you good loving and affection.


Thanks @Zilija1 !

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I used to hug my mother back every time we made hug after short disagreement.She’s gonne it’s been 7 years now.


Condolences for your loss.

Please put yourself out there, find someone! Touch is too important to neglect.

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I’m wishing everybody on this site good loving and affectionate touch. I don’t get much of that either. I’m really touchy feely. Even with strangers. I don’t know how comfortable they all are with that though. But, I need it.


My other family is reluctant to human touch or hug.Even my brother.Other friends too.I’m living alone and don’t have pets.


Are pets allowed where you live zoa?
Are you able to take care of a dog or cat?

I strongly suggest you adopt a pet or maybe volunteer in an animal shelter.

Cats and especially dogs are very affectionate!


Thanks @Wave for posting.I’m allergic to cat’s,and Tried to make request from animal shelter,but it turned that I have no money and form I filled came back negative.If I end in hospital,there is no one to take care of dog.

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Maybe you can work or volunteer as a dog walker?
Or try to spend some time in a park.


I would like to adopt dog,but even when when I lived with my brother and his wife,I brought young female dog home and she spent at house one day,because my brother made it clear for no keeping animals.If I get to live with someone with me,I would adopt.But I live in center of city,and there’s no park so people don’t take dog poop,and there is always some on pavement.
As for human touch,I would pay body massage if I could afford it.I never had body massage.

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I’m not very affectionate but I do hug my kids and family and friends. I feel very awkward about hugging people i don’t know well. Seems like this town is pretty touchy feely

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Save up for a body massage zoa - good idea.

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It’s about 15 .my pension is 130


Save little by little zoa.

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Sometimes I feel like it would be great if I’m married.I like intimacy and company,except I have no desire for sex.I don’t how it could happen anyway.

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I suggest calling an escort, It’s better than nothing if you’re that bad off.

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Yeah, maybe trying it at least once in your lifetime may not be a bad idea. Course they’re illegal. Yeah, prostitution is the worlds second oldest profession, right after selling hot stereos at the flea market on weekends.

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It’s my fault I brought this post to this.Intimacy and company have nothing to do with sex.


Before the illness, I didn’t like being touched especially by women. I was afraid of them.