I'm about to drop dead from exhaustion

It’s just a saying, mods. I had to fight for over thirty years and I sort of gave up along the way, only continuing because no one expects anything from me. Anybody relate?


Life is hard I’ll say that man. It’s worth it though

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My family kinda expect me to persevere and often i get the give up mentality
Some days are better than others
Im still here but mostly just sleep walking through life trying to make it from one day to the next.
I don’t feel much emotions but i am a nice person when you get to know me

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i am doing ok i guess only i keep dreaming and hoping for more tlc from somewhere for myself. i guess i will have to pamper myself or something by myself.

it just doesn’t seem fair because i have been abused so badly by a terribly psychotic family that was jealous of me and mine. i should be getting help good help from somewhere that i don’t have to pay for.