Im about to be 21

and I want an Irish car bomb. I shouldnt drink, it ■■■■■ with meds and I am known to be stupid and maybe even retarded when I drink, but ■■■■ this is a problem.

I am going to eat with the powerlifting team that night after training and they know I am a recovered alcoholic, well not truly an alcoholic according to my doctors but recovered metric fuckton drinker.

Guess i will have to :skull: ■■■■ this craving…baileys and jameson in a guiness extra stout…ah ■■■■ I had 6 of them on my birthday last year, this sucks.

its very fine to drink once in a while,no harm seriously,but bro your functioning so well,if i were you i would drink pepsi would not mess with my mental health,your so lucky now,so many people are not doing well on this illness without the right combo of medication


I think you shouldn’t mess with alcohol and meds. Take it easy until you are fully recovered. You will be very angry with yourself if you get a new episode or something because of a foolish craving.


Imma be 21 this year to as well! I do have cravings for alcohol or weed but unlocking a new episode is not worth it. Though its so tempting haha…

hmmm maybe you should get laid lol

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Yeah one of my bisexual schizophrenic friends was like “lets not get you drunk lets get you a girl or guy at a bar or club” so gay bars and gay club here we come

Congrats on becoming 21 soon - My birthday is coming soon as well. I will be _ yrs old soon. I will let others fill in the blank :wink:

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I don’t drink, and don’t wouldn’t recommend starting again if you are really an alcoholic, but you only get one 21st birthday. If you want to remember it, don’t drink, but otherwise don’t feel guilty if you do. Above all, have a good time. Happy Birthday!