I'm a victim of the modern age

today we all worry about Climate change, A bombs and over population and man its a mixed up world. covid, recession when will it end

i really wish i was alive at a different time in history but they never had it easy either. When was a good time to live?

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Honestly today is better than ever.

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There’s always things to be afraid of you know, but then again the only thing we have to fear is fear itself

It’s largely a matter of where you live. The world is often a large cesspool, and life is never easy for the span of anyone’s whole life.

But If you are born poor in a third world country, your life is going to be drastically different than someone born into a middle class family in somewhere in a country like the U.S. or Canada.

If you are born in a country with a brutal dictator then your life will not be the same as someone born into some industrialized nation with a good political system. It ain’t even that cut and dried though.

The quality of life has improved in so many areas in the world. Diseases like polio, the plague and chicken pox were killing significant numbers of people through the ages until they were largely eradicated in most areas.

And being a victim of a natural disaster in modern times is different than in the past. In the past, victims of a flood or earthquake was just tough, you were on your own. Now in most parts of the world if an earthquake or hurricane destroys a city it is still a tragedy but help from around the world can reach you the same day.

If you look at world history it’s just a given that the rich and powerful had better lives than peons and serfs or slaves.

IDK, there’s still suffering all around the globe but the quality of life for many people is better than in any other time In history.

Like we used to say in grammar school, “ Hey, if I had all the answers I would be god.”


Preach it, brother Nick!

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