Im a tree, a rock, a magnet

But im a tree.

I was planted.

I was given bark.

My actions are branches growing.

My sap makes me live.

See, no choice, im a tree.

This isn’t a bad attempt at a poem, it’s just me thinking about my being, i do things, but have no free will, just like a tree, or wind, a rock, a ball rolling down a hill, what im writing right now is simply brain tissue and eletrical firings in my brain.

I can also see what my heart is now, much like an atom making bonds and exploding in different scenarios, it’s like a magnet really, no free will involved.

Now here is what happens when you tell something that does not have free will that it has free will, if you make it believe it then it malfunctions, it misunderstands things, it speaks wrong, it also does wrong and reacts wrong. It’s like giving a computer a virus really.

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