I'm a ritalin junkie

I can’t stop taking it. It makes my positive symptoms very bad, but I can’t stop because it’s like a miracle cure for my negative symptoms. It makes me so motivated, but I know it’s bad for me. I just can’t stop because it helps me function… Help please.

Ritalin is habit forming. It’s seems like quite a heavy medication.

Talk to your doctor I you want to come off it.

I know, and I know I need to stop it to prevent another relapse. I just can’t I can’t I can’t. I know that’s so negative of me to say that. But imagine a pill that lets you smile, lets you do your homework, lets you get out of bed… That’s also the reason why I went off my meds my last/second relapse, there’s a window of time where I’m not slowed down by my meds and I’m ultra-functioning, I can get everything done, I’m motivated, my senses are bright and vivid, I can feel the world, I can feel everything, but I know the inevitable crash of psychosis that comes with going off meds. The delirium, the catatonia. The hospitalization and depression.

I never want to experience a relapse again, but I was hospitalized recently and I didn’t even go off my meds, and I wasn’t using ritalin then. I just can’t have another relapse.

By the way, I get it from a friend, it’s not prescribed to me.

Ritalin is basically meth in mini dose. That was my favorite drug also because negative symptoms were gone.

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How did you get off of it?

I would like to try ritalin for the negative symptoms relief.

My parents took me off ritalin at a young age.

What advice would you give to someone who may want to quit but is already addicted (not physically but psychologically)?

Any doctor worth their salt would never prescribe Ritalin to a schizophrenic as it increases positive symptoms.

Guys seriously I really need help getting off this stuff, can anyone point me to resources for recovering comorbid schizophrenia and substance use. I’m not ‘addicted’ physically, but psychologically I am addicted.

You could try StrAttera. That’s what I’m on supposedly it’s not as bad for you as ritilin. Main thing is it doesn’t help with motivation.

There’s NA (narcotics anonymous), but due to the nature of Ritalin you’re probably physically addicted, and will need your doctors input. You shouldn’t quit something like that without medical advice. They might be able to offer you something else to help.

I would speak to a doctor first about this rather than getting advice from other websites out there.

Taper down, drink lots of water, eat healthy.

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Oh wow, I never heard of this! I’ll talk to my doctor about this and about stopping Ritalin. I think I have like undiagnosed ADHD or cognitive issues associated with schizophrenia which would explain why I’m so dependent on taking methylphenidate.

Okay, yeah, I’ll talk to my doctor. But it’s worth mentioning that I only use it once a week so I’m not actually addicted. But mentally I am…

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It helps me focus and it’s not supposedly as bad for schizophrenics. It can help you lose weight supposedly. There’s a label that it may cause psychosis but this is just because fda has a blanket statement that all add meds cause psychosis. It hasn’t fully started effecting me yet but it won’t get you high like ritilin will

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That’s interesting, I really don’t like getting high but I do it out of compulsion. I think it’s good if I find something that will help my negative and cognitive symptoms that is non-addictive and non-recreational.