I'm a monkey

My thoughts have been so nonexistent or troubled lately. So, I’ve decided that I’m just a big monkey. I eat, I sleep, social relations are above me. I’m just a big monkey or maybe a bear. I plan to live out my life as an animal trapped in this so-called society. A society that is above my monkey senses.

You are enlightened.

Another phrase that might help you.
The empty buckets rattle the loudest.
You probably think before speak.

As far as thinking goes its kind of unecessary. Animals get along just fine

Thank you for saying I’m enlightened. I feels a little better knowing this. I just need to work on my monkey senses now.

thought you might like this :slight_smile: its just a bit of fun-

These are my spirit animals i have decided, i am the human version of them, it’s not nice at all.

Perhaps this will make you a little bit happier. Perhaps it will not.

I made an A in biological anthropology, were not monkeys, were a species of great ape. But yeah we are great apes.