I'm a little surprised


A while ago my sis got me study packets and books on how to become a surf instructor. How to run a class ethically, how to be compliant with standards… all that fun jazz.

I read, I studied, I took the test and I just got the results back… I passed, and not by the skin of my teeth. My score was 95%

I’m not an instructor yet, but I can see what happens next. I am allowed to file for a business license. So if someone does give me money for a surf lesson… I can be legal.

I’m not picturing this as a huge “The J.M. church of surf” but if I can make a few extra on the side, be safe and have this to fall back on… it will be interesting to see what I can do with this. (plus, I have other hoops to consider as well… insurance, and other fun legals.)

I do think I’m going to keep up with the horticulture for my schooling and not switch to business… just yet.

The more I have a chance to work on the nurseries and community gardens and community education, the more I love being there.

I think I have finally found my niche… I’m going to keep my surfing in my back pocket for now… I passed the test, I have more steps to go… and time to do them.

I won’t be rich… but I will be content. The way I picture my life… I strive for content.


Good for you! I can’t say that I’m surprised that you got 95%. :clap:


Congratulations J! I am not surprised on your test score either - this is a big plus


@BarbieBF @Wave Thank you for that.

It’s odd to get this and sort of realize that what I though was pure fantasy has some possibility.

But at the same time… I’m calmly happy with my decision to let this pot simmer for a bit and keep on my path with horticulture… since I have to sign up for classes next week.


Congrats James! I had no doubt that you would excel at this!

I hope you can find your niche and make some good money at this. While also having fun with it.

Another awesome accomplishment under your belt! I’m very proud of you :slight_smile:




:blush: Thank you for that as well.

I’m being a little swept off my feet. I don’t know about good money, but it would be nice to round out the rough edges in a pay check.


wow, no wonder you’re a leader !! I am impressed !! I do my art and music thing, but that is really something that you can do all that !! Way to go !!


i’d love to just hang by the beach all day with a sign saying ‘surf lessons here’ and a couple of boards man that’d be awesome and you could go for a surf any time you want lol, maybe end up opening up a surf shop lol that’d be awesome, well done and i hope you can pass all of those other interesting things you are doing as well :thumbsup:

good for you :slight_smile:


ur achievements continue to amaze me. well done. proud of u hunni xxx


Well done SurprisedJ! its really nice to hear about your achievements! You would fit in nicely in my home suburb, Muizenberg, by the sea - there’s a beach here called Surfer’s Corner with lots of surfer shops and schools. It’s a real cool place to hang out.


Congrats and HURRAY!!
Sometimes, just knowing you can accomplish something is enough. Being content is the best feeling!


Yay! You are doing what you love. Your work will never feel like work. Good for you! :smile:


congratulations and best wishes on your accomplishment…


Wow, 95% is really awesome! Very impressive!


Way to go J! That’s a great score. Sounds like you have a great plan going forward.


hey, well done.
take care