I'm A Little Peeved

I was following the Golden State- Oklahoma Thunder game on espn.go.com and was very upset by what I read about the foul by Draymond Green below the belt which was the second such foul against the same player in the series. Then apparently Green acted like an *@@$^$@ in order to incite the crowd. I am now cheering for the Thunder because I think that crap’s inexcusable.

The Thunder are my home state team. Kevin Durant has a restaurant in Oklahoma city called. KD’s.

Draymond kicks his leg up on shots all the time. He has awkward body movements. There is no way anyone with a decent IQ would kick another person in the nuts in front of millions of people. I saw the play because they replayed it several times.

I hope that’s the case. If he was doing it deliberately I’d suggest he should be permanently banned from the NBA. Crotch shots are not funny.

I saw the replay and it looked difficult to tell if it was deliberate. However if I were Mr. Green I’d take the red eye to Oakland tonight and get the heck out of Oklahoma City. And I’d probably where steel balls as well.

Even if it was an accident it should be a foul

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