I'm a ham, I work 20 meters mostly

As in a radio amateur. Extra class. Tough test but I always did stuff the hard way. Or else I would just use a cell phone.

I would give you my call sign, but being paranoid you know I’ll just have to stay anonymous.
But the number of woman hams or YLs is pretty small so that narrows it down.


Haha! I haven’t seen you post in a long time. How are you? That’s cool that you’re doing the radio thing.

Take care :v:

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I always thought amateur radio was awesome, cool hobby. (:

Well now that I’m retired I have to fill up my time because I always worked too hard and burned out my brain.

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It’s easy to get into.
The Chinese make radios that work on local repeaters that cost only $30 USD.

Then you can talk to people and not look them in the eye which is a trouble at times. :wink:


Do you ever pick up any cool Number Station broadcast type stuff?

I’ve heard recordings of that but they would not broadcast on international amateur bands.

Because it’s spies and stuff so I’m not going looking for them. I may start thinking they want to send me messages so we’re not going THERE. :wink:


Both brothers of mine have their Ham license, and does multiple friends of theirs, my ex, his father too.
Been listening to them talk on the radios most of my life.
Was looking into getting mine, but somehow just got too busy.

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“I’m a ham”

. . . :slight_smile: :zipper_mouth:

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I’m a sausage 15151515

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Ham radio would be fun, never tried it, but when cleaning out a place they had a bunch of high end equipment they were selling for that

I heard you can talk to people from all over the world. I don’t know if that’s true though. :thinking:

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O yea no lie. The RF bounces against the ionosphere I’ve talked all over the world with a simple dipole. I used to have delusions about waves.
Luckily they have subsided.

Science is fun. But I’m not doing it for money any more.


Cool hobby! But I was expecting food related pics :blush:

You’ve inspired me @katwomansz, I admire you for getting your license, and I want to look into it again.

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I didn’t realize those still existed.

What still existed. Ham radio’s?

When emergencies happen that wipe out all forms of communication’s, ham radio operators will still be up and running.

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