I'm a German John Nash grin and family a lot samon 2 hippies

Sorry dunno I’m arrogant hippies food bad taste buds

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welcome to the forums John.

Hi, @justintitomalae, welcome to the forum, I hope we will be reading more posts from you and that they will be more…explanatory.

Take care now,



“that they will be more…explanatory”

My (ex)partner would sometimes do the same thing, although not in extreme.
He would also put ALL his thoughts on paper. It’s actually not that hard to read, just put dots were they should be:
“Sorry dunno. I’m arrogant. hippies food. bad taste buds.”
You can easily tell whether they are having a bad day or a good day, which is the point. It’s all their thoughts going on at that moment.
There is no need to “attack” a person for this (I’ve read some really mean replies)
People could be supporting/uplifting on a bad day- and happy for them on a good day.


Hot teacher hot confusion yay

Dude, it’s not that hard to decipher you :wink: enjoy your day…

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