I'm a big fat enabler

My daughter called last night wanting money for a motel. Said she hadn’t had a shower in 2 weeks. They got laid off and lost there place to stay and have been sleeping in the car. I told her no. Well she called back a little later and pleaded and said she had found a place for $55 and I could give the credit card number to the front desk. I gave in. I felt so bad. She just wanted a shower.

I feel for you @Leaf
It must be heartbreaking


oh that is rough =/

nice of you to give her the money for it… i hope it doesn’t happen too often though… but it’s nice of you =)

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That was very kind of you. I would do the same for my little girl too. Just put in some boundarys - so it doesnt become a habit.

Kids are a joy and a nightmare at the same time lol.


Oh man, don’t I know it


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