Illustrating and annotating my novel

I bought some fresh drawing supplies and am illustrating and annotating the sci-fi book I wrote. If anything ever happens with it, say I get in grad school and become a shrink, I will publish annotated and illustrated copies of it. No one would read it today because people only listen to psychologists with doctorates, it seems. Maybe if school doesn’t work out I will get it published and hope it sells. I’ll at least have an honors bachelors with thesis by then- somewhat of a psychologist, more so than most psych majors.

It’s fun and good to do something other than study and workout exclusively.


If you become a professor you can sell it to students under the desk. The coolest professor ever!
What is it about?

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It’s about a lot of things. Mainly about psychology, and war, and the interaction of the two taken to an extreme- cloning and raising paranoid scz soldiers in a controversial effort to win. Also a reflection of my personality in the characters.


Sounds interesting. Add some cyborg sex and you got the bestseller.

How about clone on close gay incest? Oooooooohhh

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Battlefield Earth?

(Suspicious glance.)


More like what if world war three happened over water

World War Three Already Occurred ,

Been Working on tha 4th One For a Couple of Years … ,

e(Y)e Took Care of that One Last Year … ,

5th Yo ,

We on tha 5th One Now … … …

Well, I guess our struggles we each have as individuals with mental illness do feel like world war three at times, if not most of the time. You make a good point.

Been keeping up with the South China Sea crisis lately? It’s been a slow developing standoff for a long time that could blow up tomorrow, a few decades or never. China is developing one heck of a navy and the US which “protects the seas” doesn’t like it much. It’s unlikely to blow up under President Obama who is not challenging China too strongly but put in a “tougher” or possibly more foolish President and you never know. Of course the Chinese could start things on their own.

Actually Tis naught All that Great ,

Focus With Your Intellectual Ability On U.N. Troubles Within and About “mental” “illnesses” … ,

and if e(Y)e Had tha Cizash My Personal Focus Would Be on thee Idea that Children Have MENTAL ILLNESSES … ,

Drop tha Book ,

Pick Up thee Anvil ,


Help Out Those in Dire Need of Help … … …

Geez. Congratulations on writing a book.

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I had too much time on my hands and done wrote a book. Editing and annotating it is pretty time consuming and is sometimes tedious, but it’s nice to read what I wrote.

I often forget what I wrote, both as a student and with my journal and the sci fi book.

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