Illuminati ufos annunaki

The unusual belief of ufos and illuminati seem kinda real to me. While America’s attention is mostly focused on celebrities. There are not many top celebrities that did not sell their own soul to get the fame. Like Jesus said, ‘What is it for a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul.’ I don’t knoow what kind of killing the Jews did, but obviously they are teaching children in U.N. schools stories of how they demonize the Jews. The muslim and Christian may go at it, but I believe us Atheists will watch the religious peril in their own bloodlust. O’Hare UFO. It shot eight miles straight this large cloud in a blink of an eye. And they analyzed the amount of force needed to duplicate such a feat and they twice the power of a Boeing 747. Packed all into one little amazing ufo. I am a truthseeker. And these were the unusual beliefs I had today. May us SZA people always find healing and recuperation day by day. Life is hard enough. And its a miracle I’m even awake. Great food, and drink toast to a healthier future!

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Some of what you call UFOs (To me many are IFOs = identified flying objects) are not physical in makeup but are energy operating on a quantum level, not needing some big engine packed in, or a large body to incorporate the powerplant…

A persons soul or astral body can travel in these, whether alive or the body deceased. Angels have historically used them. They are recorded in the Bible and ancient Indian Vedas…

This is a craft my late wife had experience with and drew…before the photo was taken that proved the craft to be real. This craft and the previous crafts posted are part of the same 2 crafts working together.

To me these are not unusual beliefs at all. I realize most people do not experience these things or know much about them. Fewer yet work closely with them. But if you have they are not unusual at all.

This is called a UFO by many people. This is NOT a UFO. It is a craft built right here on earth…

well then my question to you is why are they being held secret to the public? The picture evidence, for example a real clear picture of these UFOs has never been taken or showed publicly over the Internet. what is their agenda? All questions we as beings will never get an explanation from our government. But the illuminati is clearly seen. You won’t see any poor people representing the illuminati. I have a hunch it is satanism. That is why America is viewed by muslims, as the great evil. I’m sorry for saying this but us folks that are consciously aware will be always carry the burden of ignorance of religion. There was a story online of an American Muslim helping a jew that was getting beat up by a bunch of irate muslims why do they hate jews? I don’t know why history has to be like that. We all are one and should help each other.

I agree we should help each other, and the hatred whether against Jew or black or whatever is plain wrong.
Illuminati has many meanings, one of which is simply “the enlightened ones.” In that case many are illuminati, not just some secret counsel.
You mentioned Anunnaki in your title. One must understand the Anunnaki Watchers were originally 200 angelic beings, each who taught and believed different things. therefore their bloodlines while all coming from the same genetics are still different families, like if you had 200 different families of the same nation you have 200 different family trees. I get upset when people talk about ‘The satanic bloodline of the Anunnaki’…First of all the Watchers did not even follow Lucifers rebellion, and secondly while some did teach some rather dark occult practices and beliefs, others did not, and taught helpful things. Many still believed in YHWH.

People will hold secret to the public many things, but namely what they do not understand and cannot control. They will also hold secret things that are classified, though from time to time agencies like NASA fail to alter their video and photos so you get things like the triangle craft I posted. I don’t understand why you say no real clear pictures of UFOs have ever been taken…they are energy, not just a solid substance and i think what I posted is pretty clear. They are enlargements of things we found in photos and videos…so they were at some distance usually and could be easily overlooked unless you were looking.

These are some I took again at a distance…the white one appeared in a picture over my wifes head in a photo from 2004… notice same shape as the seed shaped crafts from other pics.

Same craft with colors inverted and enlarged 333%

Same type of craft (possibly same craft) as seen in orbit…

Interesting…read between the lines… BTW, the Greys are demonic entities, but they do abduct people and do the experiments. My wife was an abductee… I am not… I have seen greys a couple of times…The Greys attempted to stop the Anunnaki Vimana energy craft…they could not…the Greys will sometimes be holograms created from body scans of the demons themselves to deceive people who think to see a grey is to encounter a grey, so sometimes they are not real except for being an electronic hologram projection.