I'll probably be on abilify forever

I knew I’d be on meds forever. But I just realised that there’s a good chance I’ll be on abilify forever. And I hate it.

I’d like to try rexulti but there’s a good chance that it might not work out.

Abilify was the only med that worked for me.

It’s a pretty sobering thought.


There are lots of effective medication coming in the future…!!! We will have to wait bro… l theanine working great for u… i am anxious too.
I aint got no money for supplement…


why do you think there’s a good chance it would not work out?

You never know really. Is Geodon available in your country? I don’t remember if you tried that? :thinking:

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Lots of stories on here about it not working out for people.

Yes it is. I was actually never offered it. But I’d be afraid to try it now because of the qt interval/ potential heart side effects to be honest.