I'll just live with the dust in my camera's viewfinder

There’s some dust in my camera’s viewfinder. It doesn’t show up in photographs as it’s just in the viewfinder and not on the sensor.

But it’s annoying beyond belief to have to see it whenever I take a photo.

A few days ago I emailed Nikon to see how much it would cost to clean it.

They said $156 (converted to dollars).

So I’ll live with the dust :cowboy_hat_face:


Plenty of good tutorials on Youtube for doing it yourself.


I researched it, and the general consensus was either get it done professionally or leave it alone.

I already introduced an extra bit of dust by using a rocket blower.


I have a nylon sensor cleaning brush. It picks up a static charge that lets it attract dust if you hit it with compressed air (NOT canned air). I use that to pick dust up from the internal VF in my Canon dSLRs.


My first film camera was a Canon AE-1 bought on eBay. It also had a dusty viewfinder. Annoying is right. Then eventually I sprung for an early model of a Nikon dslr. It was awesome.


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