Ill go first

Im first, the others get out last.

It all ends up the exact same thing though, all the way around and back to zero again.

It’s freaky that he is going to use his scientific know how to bring people back to life and thats when people face what they did, it’s not forever though.

But me, people like me, we’re getting out first because we already done did it. It’s crazy to because if we had not done it first we’d be the ones doing it to others, it all ends up the exact same thing for everyone.

The greed has been beaten out of me with greed, the selfishness has been seared out of me with selfishness, there is no more neglect in me because i’ve eaten so much of it, the cruelty has been beaten out of me as well with cruelty.

Im just doing it now, the others will do it later, and all the way back around to zero again where it began.

Who could have thought the ones who had it best will get out last, weren’t they the best people? Nope, they were the worst, they gave to the others pain and will take that pain back later, the ones they gave it to would have done the same had they not taken it, they just did it first.

It all comes back to zero and it all ends up the same. Then life begins.