I'll Come Back in the New Year

I’m simply not myself.

I don’t want to be the ‘Christmas Drag’ around this forum, so I’ve decided to take a break until 2019.

You’re all such a wonderfully supportive group, and I always take your words to heart…despite my sometimes flaky behaviour.

So I’ll just wish all of you an early Merry Christmas and see all of you in the new year! :slight_smile:


Pat :+1:


Hey man, i don’t think you’re a Christmas drag. You’re just dealing with an incredibly difficult illness. If the break is for yourself then i wish you well but don’t feel like you have to go. This is a good place for support if that’s what you need. Either way, i wish you the best.


Thanks, D!

I might make a cameo appearance on New Year’s eve. But I just don’t want to trigger others at Christmas time with the mania I’m going through in this moment.

However, if I start feeling back to my old self again, I’ll for sure come back sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:




Merry Christmas @PatrickT!
Stay safe!


There’s no pressure. Do what is best for you. But I personally think this is when you need the forum the most! We keep it real around here. You’re a vital asset to this community. Please don’t pull away on account of anyone else or out of fear of how you will affect the group. We appreciate you and care about you!



You’re so new to this place, yet so refreshing. I don’t consider myself to be a vital asset around these parts…but I appreciate the sentiment! :slight_smile:

Your posts are like little pieces of Art. :sunny:


This is me…

My daughter filmed us shooting baskets at the local school. I’ve played it before, but for those who haven’t seen it…

I nailed it!! :slight_smile:

These are the moments that truly matter in my life…not my pie in the sky delusions.


I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas @PatrickT. Please feel free to continue posting on the forum – folks here are pretty helpful and compassionate.


Have a good Xmas matey and look forward to catching up in the new Year!

Hoping to be a bit thinner but with Xmas dinner I may be over the limit! :slight_smile:


The Radio is killing me…

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Music is good for the soul @PatrickT . It doesn’t give you messages or meanings! Most songs are about getting laid or not…if your seeing too much meaning I think that is a trigger for you!

Hang in there matey but songs are just entertainment. They aren’t meant to be guides to build you life upon!

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Brian Williams owes me a dinner. :wink:

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The whole world is lit…with creativity! :slight_smile: